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Schools, Families & Professionals
through Knowledge & Support in relation to:
Learning Disabilities
Behavioural Disorders
Spectrum Disorders
& Giftedness was established after it was discerned that there was not enough quality, positive information about the above "differences" regarding children and adults. Strategies for home, school, work and life in general were sorely needed.

Initially this site was for schools and teachers. It became apparent that there was a lack of training and information for teachers in not only Australia, but other countries as well. Many educators found it difficult to find the time in the day, to have balance in their own lives, to dedicate to expanding on their knowledge without it having an effect on their personal lives and time with their own families. Often the schools had little left in funding to finance Professional Development. A quicker solution was needed; was born out of necessity.

It also became apparent that parents were desperate for information, positive information to give them that all-needing sense of Hope; information they could pass on to their children that there was a future for them & help available, as many of these kids dealt with so much negativity from peers as well as some teachers. The information also needed to be expressed in a way for the average person, and not necessarily academics.

Eventually there will be sections on allergies and alternative therapies as we must keep our minds open to other's opinions, especially if backed up with positive results or scientific evidence. The only way to form an opinion is to listen to others' opinions. Diet, neurofeedback, medication issues, new studies & therapies will eventually make their way to these pages.

However, I draw the line at articles or associations that are negative & people/companies that put others down in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary. I will not condone religious zealots opinions that put the problems behaviours of special kids squarely on the shoulders of the parents. Neither will I condone people who regularly use their 'difference' as a crutch or as an excuse, without trying to obtain help or instigating strategies suggested by professionals that they are dealing with.

Unfortunately for many, they are unable to afford to regularly see psychologists & counsellors. But it must also be noted that there is help available for free if you ask the relevant authorities. Sometimes there is a wait, but at least you've made some forward steps to gaining the help for your child or for yourself.

Disclaimer : The information contained within this publication is intended only as general information and not as a substitute for consultation with Healthcare Professionals.